Your Attitude Counts in Seducing a Woman


It is hard to overstate the importance of a positive, good humored and self-confident manner when attempting to seduce members of the opposite sex. Once you have made that initial connection, you have to keep the conversation fun, exciting and engaging.

I. Keep it originally.

It is wrong to follow a routine that is too well known. If you are able to find something new and interesting to do or say, then you are stimulating your listeners’ ability to listen rather than just hearing what you have to say. Women like good listeners. If you don’t this, you may be out of business before you can even get started.

II. Study the things that she is interested in.

A woman is most definitely fascinated by anything that is within her controlled area of interest, whether it is books, movies or music. You must also be ready to listen to what she has to say about certain topics.

For example, if you are talking about jazz, then you should at least pretend to know something about it. pretend to know the name of the leader of the choir, or the name of the famous jazz artist.

III. Make her laugh.

As a seducer you should always have a sense of humor, as this will put you over or over it if you do not. Almost all women like a good sense of humor in a man, and unfortunately, almost all men do not. Do not tell her jokes, or recall the sixties, but cheer up any hard times you may have by telling amusing childhood stories.

IV. Speak up.

Let her know what you think, show her your intellect, convictions, convictions, passion, outlook on life in general (just think of those things you spoke about the other night) and your sexual intent as well. Remember that she has been carefully selecting you, from her own desire and clarity; do not disappoint her. And, as always, exercise caution. This is a live situation, so exercise common sense.

pscreening yourselfhave been shown to increase your success rate. write a list of the sexual venues in your city and practice them. Think about the different types of women you can approach and which would be ideal for you. When it is time to approach a lady you should have no illusions about yourself; you need to work up to it. Remember that none of us are ever bestowed with a magic trick; the truth is that we have to work to be able to seduce someone.

IV. Good manners always pay off.

Be polite, ask her what she had been doing before you came. When she tells you, use your graceful exit so that she doesn’t get corned and face the embarrassment of not having been able to meet some expectations.

pscreening tidbits are always important–be sure that you are wearing clean underwear and shined to attention, and haveEEvingupHERE.

Walk up like a gentleman and ask her if she has a minute. When she gives you her answer, ask her to name a few movies she likes. Always let her suggest a movie for you. Don’t be reluctant; almost invariably she will let you pick the movie.

Be sincere; remember, many women are accustomed to being patronized by men, so your kindness will be appreciated, and likely her attitude toward you will improve as a result.

Finally, when it is time to leave, tell her how much you enjoyed your conversation. Tell her how much you enjoy to be around her. When you leave, allow her to give you her number. Don’t forget to ask hers.

When you go out on a date, remember that your behavior, including your manners, clothes, cologne and conversation skills, can be your most enduring costume, the one you can wear forever and ever.

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