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The giants of Electric Forest may grab all the headlines but the grand old US of A is full of music festivals and events, so here’s a look at some that truly stand out. If you’ve ever said that you’ll see them next time do yourself a favor and check if your favorite rock act still rules on the road and treat yourself as next time they may not have dates scheduled. If you don’t want to go alone, there are many girls who are waiting for a night like this, so make sure you have a beautiful one with you. So, if you are looking for some fun or to satisfy your fantasies, check out one of the escort agencies, do some research, and you’re settled.



A 2019 AC/DC tour is not likely, but it’s something for fans to keep an eye on.



From the producer of The Lion King comes a thrilling new production, an extraordinary theatrical event where the possibilities are infinite.



It will take place on 17-19 May 2019 in Nevada, and there is a waiting list already. This is North America’s Tomorrowland, with the best in the world headliners (2018) such as Diplo and Martin Garrix, and if both artists and audience are ready to party, you should know that we predict a stacked lineup, pyrotechnics and a massive glow in the dark site, all standard issue at EDC’s festival.



Hangout is a vacation as well, offering more than just music, such as beach volleyball, Gulf-front hammocks and more and is continuously recognized as one of the best festivals, infusing over $40 million into the local economy. On the 17th –19th of May 2019 this concert will blow your mind at the Gulf Shores Public Beach at it is known for sugar white beaches and red hot music.



There will be seven shows ending at the State Farm Center in Champaign, Ill, and tickets go on sale Nov. 30, so if you want to see Styx’s tour, go ahead and buy one. The blue-collar men are teaming up for some dates next year with Larry the Cable Guy after they ran into him at a convenience store, for a fun night of music and comedy, so get ready.



American Country Music’s had a bromance with the Nashville ever since he became a whirlwind crossover success with ‘Spring Break…Here to Party’, which has hit number 1 on the Pop Charts. The son of a peanut farmer, he’s made a successful crop to career and this year sees him hitting the road, but he won’t be alone on this tour.



Back in 2018, Stanley brushed off chatter that it meant that they were about to call it quits, so this might be the last go-round, although the singer has occasionally said that a version of Kiss without him could still tour under the Kiss banner. Kiss’ touring calendar revealed that they have plans to have a major tour which starts at the end of January, although it hasn’t been announced yet, and will presumably be the biggest one they’ve done.

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