The State Line (2001)


1. Used To Be Enough
2. Down By You
3. Lubbock
4. Radio Towers
5. Numbers
6. The Elusive Goldmine
7. Bulldog Steel
8. World Sees Through You *(2003 re-release only)
9. Quick-Eyed Love *(2003 re-release only)


Produced by Bob Delevante (3, 5), Reed Easterwood (1, 4, 6, 7), and Milton Mapes

Album Notes:
This album was recorded over the course of a chaotic year, with a revolving cast of performers, back-and-forth between Texas and Nashville. The result is a raw, demo-ish collection of songs that captures the idea of a band being assembled, and sounds being explored with a heavy folk/country influence. The State Line is about physical places, emotional spaces, and the fine line that seperates the two.

Paul Cundari - bass
Bob Delevante - percussion, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Mike Delevante - guitars (8, 9)
Reed Easterwood - percussion, piano, mandolin
Nate Fowler - dobro, guitars
Michael Fracasso - harmony vocal (1)
Meredith Miller - harmony vocal (6)
Jody Nardone - piano
Roberto Sanchez - drums
Mike Schwedler - drums, percussion
Greg Vanderpool - vocals, guitars, harmonica, shaker loop

Matt Andrews - engineer (Sound Emporium, Nashville)
Bob Delevante - engineer (Under The Eaves and Mrs. Wilson's, Nashville)
Damian Falcon - engineer (The Firestation, San Marcos TX)
Buddy Miller - mastering (Dogtown, Nashville)
Jason Piske - engineer (Emerald Studios, Nashville)
Greg Vanderpool - 4-Track Recording Down By You


©2006 Milton Mapes