For A Decade Of Sin - 11 Years of Bloodshot Records
Disc 1:
1 Blood Sweat & Murder (Scott H. Biram)
2 De-Railed (Sixteen Horsepower)
3 Glass of Wine (Paul Burch & Ralph Stanley)
4 Close Your House Down (Cordero)
5 Ocean Size (Bobby Bare Jr.)
6 Behind That Locked Door (My Morning Jacket)
7 The Plan (Matt Mays & El Torpedo)
8 Little White Pills (The Meat Purveyors)
9 A Living Hell (The Bottle Rockets)
10 Do You Want To Go Somewhere? (Richard Buckner)
11 Lonesome Roads (Carla Bozulich)
12 Sputnik 57 (Minus 5)
13 I'm Yer Huckleberry (Nine Pound Hammer)
14 No Way Out But Down (Graham Lindsey)
15 Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Sally Timms)
16 Harridan of Yore (Graham Parker & The Figgs)
17 Where Are All Of My Friends? (Deadstring Brothers)
18 Chicken Road (Kelly Hogan & The Wooden Leg)
19 Shake A Tail Feather (Andre Williams & The Sadies
20 Tearin' My Hair Out (99 Tales)
21 Love Train (The Yayhoos)

Disc 2:
1 Two Way Action (Nora O'Connor)
2 Ship to Spain (Crooked Fingers)
3 I'd Be Lonesome (Old 97s)
4 How Many Biscuits Can You Eat? (Split Lip Rayfield)
5 I Want to Destroy You (Dollar Store)
6 Cold Company (Mary Lou Lord)
7 Now I Know (Milton Mapes)
8 Magnificent Seven (Jon Rauhouse)
9 Call of the Wreckin' Ball (John Doe w/Jim and Jennie and The Pinetops)
10 Got Just What I Want (Devil in a Woodpile)
11 Josephine (Puerto Muerto)
12 Juke Joint Jumping (Wayne Hancock & Hank III)
13 Red Head (Blanche)
14 The Lost Soul (The Handsome Family)
15 Tell Me (Catfish Haven)
16 People Who Died (Porter Hall TN)
17 Berliners (The Court and Spark)
18 How Long (Have You Been Gone)? (Rex Hobart and The Misery Boys)
19 How Can I Be So Thirsty Today? (Petty Booka w/ The Meat Purveyors)
20 Burn the Flag (The Starkweathers)
21 I Fought the Law (Waco Brothers)

©2006 Milton Mapes