The Blacklight Trap (2005)

  1. In The Corner Where It All Began
2. Thunderbird
3. The Blacklight Trap
4. Bowie AZ
5. Waiting For Love To Fail
6. Tornado Weather
7. Underneath The River Runs
8. When The Earth's Last Picture Is Painted
9. Craters Of The Moon


Produced and mixed by Milton Mapes and Britton Beisenherz

Album Notes:
It begins with a sunset “In The Corner Where It All Began” and ends with a deep night ballad in “Craters Of the Moon”. The Blacklight Trap is not intended to be a “concept album”. However, it is the kind of thing that makes most sense when you sit down and immerse yourself in it. This one is a little darker than the two previous releases. Whereas The State Line and Westernaire had a certain regional soundtrack quality, The Blacklight Trap is more of a global landscape. In Neil Young terms, its mood is more like On The Beach. It’s an intense record for heavy times, but not without a silver lining. The characters in these songs all seem to be lost, wounded, or trapped; their salvation lying somewhere out of reach. If not in our world “The Blacklight Trap”, then somewhere beyond it.

Britton Beisenherz - bass, piano, etc.
Cliff Brown Jr.- organ, keys, piano, guitars, harmony vocals, etc.
Jim Fredley- guitars, mandolin, harmony vocals, etc.
Roberto Sanchez - drums, percussion, harmony vocals, etc.
Greg Vanderpool - vocals, guitars, organ, banjo, harmonica, etc.

Britton Beisenherz - engineer (Ramble Creek, Austin)
Chris Dye - asst. engineer
Jim Wilson- mastering (Yes Mastering, Austin)


©2006 Milton Mapes